20 Jun 24

Ayurvedic bubble: come and discover the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine on the health of the body and mind from September 22 to 27!

During this treatment lasting 4.5 days and 5 nights in on-site accommodation at the Bastide du Claus, an enchanting place at the foot of the Lure mountain range, come and experience the daily life with Michel Sarazin and Florence Fabre:

  • body treatments (massages, bags, shirodhara etc.): 2 one-hour treatments each day

  • an approach to tasty Indian food and the preparation of Ghee * (Ayurvedic clarified butter)

  • a detoxifying diet targeted according to your profile or Dosha (determined during a prior consultation)

  • round tables on Ayurveda, ancient medicine

Information and registration: click here!

06 May 24

Come and enjoy spring at Bastide du Claus!

There are still gîtes and guest rooms available in May, June and early July! Take the opportunity to come and enjoy a bubble of well-being on the Lure mountain...

This is the ideal time to go hiking on the Lure mountain, hit the mountain bike trails or the roads by bike without getting too hot, go to the Forcalquier market full of colors and regional products, treat yourself in the many restaurants around the Bastide. Finally take some time for yourself!

La Bastide also takes care of you: magnetic treatment sessions, phyto-energetic massages with essential oils, shiatsu, sauna!

Come and do yourself some good!

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03 Dec 22

New in 2023: fasting courses at the Bastide du Claus!

I happily discovered the benefits brought by a well-supervised fast: what an extraordinary and relaxing feeling to feel your digestive system finally at complete rest when it had been working 24/24 since my birth!! What physical strength and what renewed energy after this week, what clarity of mind! This is why I have decided to host weeks of fasting at the Bastide du Claus: dare to give yourself this gift , go beyond the first apprehension of telling yourself that you will not be able not to eat for 7 days (this is finally done no problem!), come and experience this rich week in a small group accompanied by an experienced naturopath.

For more details and to book your stay, click here .

The benefits of fasting


A deep cleansing takes place. It's a time to ""empty the trash cans"". The old cells disappear, the skin rejuvenates, all the internal tissues too. A self-intelligent regeneration takes place to fix what needs fixing.

A gain in energy and vitality is clearly noticeable following a fast.


A mental clarification takes place. The psyche can more easily focus on the essential. This state of being makes it possible to resolve inner questions, to facilitate decision-making, to clarify thoughts.

Perceptions are sharper. A wave of inspiration conducive to creativity and the development of one's deep being can emerge.

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10 Oct 22

That's done, La Bastide du Claus has become a refuge for the League for the Protection of Birds - LPO. At the census carried out last year, there were at the La Bastide du Claus : Nightingale, Wizzard sparrow, Proyer sparrow, Black-headed warbler, Robin
Black-tailed redstart, White-fronted redstart, Whinchat, Cinereous shrike, Turtle Dove, Black swift, Blackbird, House Sparrow, Barn Swallow, Window Swallow, Chestnut tit, Black-capped Chickadee, European Starling, Scops owl, Hoopoe, Woodlark, Skylark
Oak Jay, Common Raven, Green woodpecker, Kestrel, and even a short-toed eagle hovering over our heads!
According to the LPO, it's hard to beat the variety of birds in the same area! It is chirping in every corner of the park, come and listen to them in the morning, with a pair of binoculars in hand.


20 Jan 22

Today and for each day of 2022, I wish you to:

Today and for each day of 2022, I wish you to:

Eliminate the superfluous
Lighten up
Get a new skin
Brighten up each day, each hour, each minute as much as possible
Smile, laugh, cry and laugh again, all together
Welcome, without judgement
Accepting differences of opinion, of character, of choice
Embracing life again, kiss those we love, a stranger, all others too
To become free again, finally and totally free, while respecting the freedom of others
No longer needing a paper or an official authorization to have the right to live, just to live
Remove the word QR code from all dictionaries
To love each other again, in sincere tolerance and benevolence


... To come to the Bastide du Claus to finally lay down all one's luggage, not only one's suitcases but all the others. The ones that we think are essential to our lives but which, once put down, are so quickly forgotten...

The spring and summer bookings have started well. For the aperitifs, there will even be olives from the Bastide du Claus this year!

I look forward to seeing you again.

Fleurs à la bastide de Lure

Fleurs à la bastide de Lure

28 Apr 20

For you, some flowers from Haute-Provence while waiting for "the liberation"...

In fact, we have plenty of time to observe nature, every day it changes, it explodes a little more. It is there, all around us, unchanged and even freer.

We'll see you soon now. We will be able to accomodate you at a respectful and sanitary distance : your lodging/gîte is independent, the park of 1,5 ha will enable you to have your own space. You will take the time to taste again this quiet and preserved beauty that surrounds us in the Alpes de Haute-Provence in a complete viral safety.

Lucie has prepared for you some hikes in the mountains leaving on foot from the bastide, especially the one of the extraordinary trees of Lure!
Coucher de soleil sur la montagne de Lure avec vue sur le Ventoux

Coucher de soleil sur la montagne de Lure avec vue sur le Ventoux

14 Aug 19

Autumn is coming soon, come and recharge your batteries in the beautiful Provençal late season! !

The colors of autumn, mushrooms, hiking on the mountain of Lure

Autumn is already here soon, with its colors, its mushrooms, its hikes. Come and enjoy the off-season in this beautiful region of the Alpes de Haute-Provence!


L'eau est bonne !

L'eau est bonne !

15 Jun 19

The water is good !

The water from the Lure mountain comes directly to our 17th century basin where it is nice to cool off!