La Bastide takes care of you at home!

Energy healing by magnetism

You feel tired, "flat batteries", tense or nervous, suffer from chronic ailments, you suffer from inflammation (shingles, eczema, joints, ...), you have trouble sleeping, you are psychologically not in your best shape, you no longer see very clearly in the direction to take, did you have the Covid which left its mark on you?

An energy treatment by magnetism can help you. A session lasts between 40 and 60 minutes, with the only imposition of hands on your body (dressed). Your energy flows will be restored and balanced, after that it will be up to you to be the actor of your fitness!

Under no circumstances can this treatment replace or take the place of medical consultations and treatments. It will only come in addition to restore your vital energy.

Sessions will be possible depending on the reception in gites and bed and breakfasts and the daily work to be done. They will be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, but get there as soon as possible, there is often a delay of several days.

Phyto-energetic massage

A Renaissance massage is offered to you at home at La Bastide: this enveloping massage of the whole body is both gentle and intense. The repetition of gestures provides deep muscle relaxation and invites abandonment. Vibrations and maneuvers borrowed from sacred geometry on certain key points (sacrum, trapezius, occiput) relieve tension and back pain. It is a real invitation to let go. You leave with a sample of the mixture of essential oils concocted especially for you.


Of Japanese origin, shiatsu is a simple and natural method consisting in applying pressure to the whole body along the meridians and acupuncture points.

The purpose of this soft and deep touch is to rebalance the circulation of ki (force, vital energy) in order to prevent or repair organic dysfunctions.

In Japan they say: Shiatsu is similar to maternal affection, the pressure of the hands brings out life . Shiatsu is received lying on the ground and dressed in a soft outfit.


An all-wooden sauna awaits you in the park just above the pool. Let yourself be enveloped by the warmth and the good smell of burning wood... Panoramic view of the Cheval Blanc mountain.
You privatize the sauna for 1 hour, as a couple or with your friends. Have the courage after 15 minutes to go and immerse yourself in the spring water basin of the Lure mountain then do another 15 minutes in the sauna, you will experience a real physical renewal! Maximum 3 times 15 min.See the specific page on the sauna in the menu of this site.