I happily discovered the benefits brought by a well-supervised fast: what an extraordinary and relaxing feeling to feel your digestive system finally at complete rest when it had been working 24/24 since my birth!! What physical strength and what renewed energy after this week, what clarity of mind! This is why I have decided to host weeks of fasting at the Bastide du Claus: dare to give yourself this gift , go beyond the first apprehension of telling yourself that you will not be able not to eat for 7 days (this is finally done no problem!), come and experience this rich week in a small group accompanied by an experienced naturopath.

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The benefits of fasting


A deep cleansing takes place. It's a time to ""empty the trash cans"".The old cells disappear, the skin rejuvenates, all the internal tissues too. A self-intelligent regeneration takes place to fix what needs fixing.

A gain in energy and vitality is clearly noticeable following a fast.


A mental clarification takes place. The psyche can more easily focus on the essential. This state of being makes it possible to resolve inner questions, to facilitate decision-making, to clarify thoughts.

Perceptions are sharper. A wave of inspiration conducive to creativity and the development of one's deep being can emerge.